The Faces of Love

The Faces of Love

by Petru Racolța

You asked me how much I love you,
And I showed you the highest mountain,
I didn’t know then that you don’t like heights
And you will choose the one with love like a hill.

I picked up my wounded feelings from the woods
and sowed them in the vastness of the ocean.
But when I wanted to give it to another soul, I
was refused, because he could not swim.

I built another love, among the clouds,
This one did not have a search either,
With the argument that the clouds bring storms with them
and often cause floods.

My love has always changed its face,
It was, in turn, in the rays of the sun,
In the cool summer breezes
Or in the stars of clear nights.

I have not been discouraged by repeated refusals,
I am sure there is a being somewhere
who has love with the same face
And at the same time of matching.

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