by Daniela Topîrcean Unspoken words were blooming in my chest like translucent petals of the lotus opening slowly, the words open next to each other endlessly and each is an unspoken miracle. … My soul was full – I felt it hurt- I was a lotus flower with infinite petals. … Photo by yyryyr1030 from Pixabay


by Petru Racolța If you have a good man by your side, Appreciate and keep him close, Goodness is a rare gem Which must always be sanded With the same coin. If you have a true friend by your side, Respect and do not blame him for his flaws, Friendship is the greatest gift Which… Leer más Wealth


by Rae Cod Ash checked his watch.  He estimated he had five minutes until the next curfew patrol.  He turned his attention back to the wall.   A train rumbled on the bridge overhead, drowning out the sound of the spray cans as he worked.  His consciousness sank into the flow of the paint as the… Leer más Runaway


by Daniela Topîrcean You gave me a gift I wouldn’t have dared to ask you to tell you about it. you heard a mysterious wish which my Soul confessed it to you in perfect peace of the heart, a desire whispered in a song which reverberated in everything I am. You – the one who… Leer más Song

Without Old Age

by Petru Racolța I drive away the sadness of autumnWith a thought that makes me happy,Like time, no matter how long,Love within us does not grow old. Nostalgia does not give up,It resists like the heaviest steel,Strengthening absolute faithThat our memories will never perish. And so, if we thought about it,We come to the ultimate… Leer más Without Old Age

Romania’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites

by Manuela Timofte In 2011, Leif Pettersen was writing “Romania’s Top 5 World Heritage sites”. The article was published by in partnership with Lonely Planet. In my previous post about Romania, I was sharing with you 10 Misconceptions about Romania. Today, I decided to share Romania’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. So far, UNESCO has inscribed eight sites in Romania… Leer más Romania’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Angel Wings

by Daniela Topîrcean I am the breeze that glides with a smile on the dewdrops that bathe rose petals, rustles playfully among white peonies, and wildflowers. I untangled my hair in the breeze which penetrates the chestnut foliage, in the trembling leaves of love, endless ethereal caressing in a raw green vegetable maze which reminds… Leer más Angel Wings

The Kiss

by Daniela Topârcean I’ll keep your kiss in breathing, in the heartbeat – where love is, in the timeless second that will flow from the wave of time, in the caress of the wind that sings infinity in the cherry blossom. I’ll keep your kiss in the scent of roses, in the soft rays of… Leer más The Kiss


by DidiArtist A sacred place of silence and contemplation “The heart of Kirpal Sagar is the Sarovar, an oval-shaped pool surrounded by four corner buildings. The edifice in the centre of the basin bears models of the four main types of sacred buildings: a gurdwara, a temple, a mosque, and a church. Their respective shapes… Leer más Sarovar


by Daniela Topârcean An ocean of love poured into my soul like an angelic embrace when you first said I love you Love. Miraculous love between our souls discovered after aeons of searching. Love which extends into the universe transcending space and dimensions like a high-frequency song scattering the mists of dusk, illuminating the whole… Leer más Equation


by Petru Racolța I did not choose to come into the world, It happened randomly, And I try, as best as I can, To not fall into despise. I wasn’t the one To put my name, But I’m trying to honour it And to build a reputation for it. I was neither at the distribution… Leer más Choices