Revolution is Poetry

by Patricia Furstenberg That day it rainedWith bullets and tearsWith stones and fearBrother against sisterChests bareLips dareI was there. That day we yelledWords that killedSongs that freedTruths willedTeeth bareFists dareYou were there. That day they failed,We stood unafraid.Kill the revolutionThey raged.Revolution is poetry,We sang.Revolution and poetry. First published online on Militant Thistles Image by  Ri Butov… Leer más Revolution is Poetry

Magic fall

by Rana Whenever I gently seized on to your lips The only heart knows the glories I plunged into Firm grasp for a hug squeezing on your hips Melted in raging passion I’d been kissing you Furious eyes depict glory stronger than an eclipse My soul speaks louder than my heart could ever do Besides… Leer más Magic fall


by Richard M. Ankers A delicate expression of an encompassing form, she closed around him like a rose petal the night. She sampled of his nectar, and though it tasted bitter to most, found it intoxicating.  # She bloomed in the spring of their meeting. It rained that first day. She didn’t care. As though… Leer más Petal

I Travelled

by Patricia Furstenberg I traveled the width of the earth Searching for kindness’ rebirth. I walked the earth’s length, Seeking peace and strength.   Over mountains No encounters, Under seas Nothing to see.   Kindness was lost In war tossed; Strength was bent, By lie’s intent.   I’ll travel the earth’s width Sowing seeds of… Leer más I Travelled