I am King

by Petru Racolța I am a king without a throne and without a crown, Determined to never abdicate. I am a king without a kingdom and royal palaces, But only in my generous imagination. I’m a king without blue blood But with the clear sky in sight And the red of love in the heart.… Leer más I am King


by Petru Racolța I crushed my soul trying to fly, I took it to the hospital to put it in a cast, But they told me they don’t have bandages If I didn’t bring them from home. I caught my heart from beating too often, The cardiologist assured me that it was incurable And I… Leer más Agitation


by Petru Racolța When you cried in the rain I wanted to block the springs For the waters sanctified by your tears Not to scatter on the ground When you laughed in the sun I wanted to surround you with a greenhouse For the warmth of your smiles Not to evaporate into the ether When… Leer más Regrets


by Petru Racolța From me to the stars,I pass through a field of cornflowers,And then I come back to youIncarnate in fine dust. I will sprinkle myself on the plain,Get over your blouse,Along a springAnd on your hair. You will breathe in me unknowingly,I will think of you,I will embrace your heartAnd in dreams, it… Leer más Reincarnation