A Troiku by Jane Aguiar

his and her hands touched a spark sparkled in their eyes fire in the head his and her hands touched to create some emotion lots of love showered sparkled in their eyes lit like the star of Venus it’s a love affair fire in the head loss of interest in work it’s wonderful life ⭐… Leer más A Troiku by Jane Aguiar

there can be only one of us. The other one’s got to go by Bogdan Dragos

noise never attracted me it always did the opposite, so when this bar too got noisy I got out of there and went back home Well, life is strange this way. When you walk away from something, you find something else Like a pesky street magician shoving cards in your face, begging you to pick… Leer más there can be only one of us. The other one’s got to go by Bogdan Dragos


by Daniela Topîrcean Isolde’s anxieties were wandering in me undone. Juliet’s innocence was blossoming in my eyes -like a tide, the anxiety of first love fled my shore of the heart defying my weightlessness, bright wings. Lost ships, diaphanous ghosts, dishevelled, were wandering in me attracted by a silent resonance. Image by Gloria Williams from Pixabay 

A Delayed Birthright

By Michele Lee Not baptized, not protectedfrom that which chaos and anger inflicted some of us        were not granted an anointed birth right        were not given sparkly crib mobiles that captured                our fascination and created an illusion of a star-filled night        were not lulled to dreams with sweet tunes                that let in only purity and light        were born into a world… Leer más A Delayed Birthright