by mikesteeden Before, in the putative asylum of her bedroomwhether alone or in the company of loversthe one of curious Grecian genesis would alwayskeep alight the loose hanging shade-less bulbAs a vocal self-proclaimed freethinkerthose who understood these thingsthought this her greatest contradiction The ignorance of brawn afforded himan ability to see past the light andinto… Leer más CARDBOARD CITY


by Rana A narrow escape from the dry land of my heart My amorous emotions search for a place to stay Rendering dreams to the canvas of my loving soul Feelings tend to rise above my plight, all the way Redirected to the storm of passion inside me I grip your succulent pink lips, without… Leer más Lips

Dry Land

by Rana My last wish for survival Would be the main attraction An improper fraction Oh! I think There’s one way in to be Swiftly washed out I witness Downtrodden respect from the last sips Of your lips, you’ll think about me Dignity Holds my head in secrecy Then orchestrated compelled Annoyingly dry spellbound Love… Leer más Dry Land

On Putting Powerful Tools in Unskilled Hands: Two Egregious Tendencies in Contemporary Poetry

by Bob Shepherd (*) NB: Several of the examples I use in this essay come from various essays by Randall Jarrell that I read years ago in my own wayward youth. If this were a scholarly piece, I would track those down and footnote them. But it’s not, so I won’t. I’ll just let this… Leer más On Putting Powerful Tools in Unskilled Hands: Two Egregious Tendencies in Contemporary Poetry


by Marcello Comitini I want to give a name to my silences a sound reminiscent of harmony of a song accompanied by the night. The key to access the hidden secrets behind a wall of uncertainty. Scan the caesura and the reprises, the air of war, of hunting and chains behind a taut, resonant string.… Leer más Sounds

With Love

de Daniela Topîrcean I was doing exercises of balance on the waves of love, breeze breathes my anxiety in chest inflating its innocent sails and my words were lost in your silence in unknown thoughts, in immense-blue-uncertainty on which I was sailing by pirouettes alchemizing the waves painful, secret, a ballet of the soul mysterious… Leer más With Love