Beautiful book

by Manuela Timofte My steps have taken me through many places, but I always prefer and look for a library or a corner where I enjoy reading a book. In other words, I cannot live without books. Thomas Jefferson Reasons of reading Today, there is the possibility to read a book on different devices. Anyway,… Leer más Beautiful book


by Daniela Topîrcean My thoughts were soaring to the sky, trembling at the slightest breath of consciousness – lighted candles, ethereal unseen ribbons. … the rocks between us were cold, abrupt. … My thoughts were waving suspended from the sky with light, unseen rays, like the prayers of Tibetan monks on high mountain peaks. …


by Daniela Topîrcean You give me peace, flight and commotion. I feel the song of life in me flowing from the sacred space where I live you. I love you endlessly, You’ve always been with me, You are in the Here and Now of living, Here and Now of the heart. You are in flight… Leer más Love