a fine day to meet a genius by Bogdan Dragos

I saw him busy
and focused beyond focus
over a yellow legal pad
that he held in
his lap

He squeezed the pen
like struggling to
strangle a snake

and his tongue
was poked
and clasped tight
in a corner of his small mouth
for maximum

"Damn kid," I told him. "Now that's
a flow state,
if I ever seen one. What's your

He made the briefest
eye contact
and said, "If I took the time
to tell you,
I'd lose it."

was the best answer I
ever got. The kid
was a genius. I was
standing in
the shadow of a giant
right there in
that cafe. I beheld a god

But his mother
wasn't very fond
of me
talking to her kid as I passed
their table to go
to the bathroom

I tried to explain to her
that I also write

that made her laugh
and the young god snapped out
of his flow state to
laugh too.
"I ain't writing," he said

He wasn't drawing
I saw words on the pages

"I'm making beats!" he said

"Beats?" I asked

"Yeah, I'm making trap beats
Do I look like
a loser who'd write?"

Then he showed me
his yellow legal pad
and I
read the lines

whey went


I congratulated him
on his
beats and went back to my
table and ordered
another drink

It was a fine
day to meet a genius
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