Passionate Valentine Vignettes

By Michele Lee

Lavender and rosemary crumbled and scattered
by artistic fingers that turn pages and hold the scent.
His moist lips hold the flavor of the back of her neck.
Words spoken by his smoky voice sink her deeper,
and leave her spellbound to him.

Outside, a thousand golden sunsets blur by.
Shooting stars fall from the sky, one for each year
that I have been alive. Every spark a saved wish,
now raining on me through your magnetic touch
and our passionate kiss.

Tall she stood, and strong. Moments of joy,
she felt, but never for long. Move and follow,
she did, in a world that forced her to walk
in a straight line. She fell out of step and into
his arms, strong. Her own rhythm, and trust
in him, is what she found.

Thank you for visiting and reading my passionate poems and enjoying the musical talents of artist Kandace Springs. Need more love? Visit my post, “Lovers Consuming Love,” for a longer fiery love poem. However you spend your Valentine’s Day, may you feel love. I will be spending my Valentine evening in a writing workshop with author Sandra Marinella; we will have the pleasure of hearing participants read their writing. Be well. Michele

Written in response to‘s February Poetry Challenge (a pareado):

Before the bell, we tried to find our zen;
a diamond you have been, my friend of ten.

We laughed and wished each other luck,
then shut our doors when 7:20 struck.

dedicated to my teacher friend, Diette


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Photo 1: by cottonbro Photo 2: by Yulia Polyakova Photo 3: by Victoria Strelka (Pexels)

© 2022 Michele Lee Sefton

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