another bulimic princess by Bogdan Dragos

mashed potatoes poached eggs beans and some homemade garlic sauce but no meat for the princess’s sensitive stomach “I’m full,” she said “No, you are not,” said mother. “Eat up. Finish everything from your plate and trust me, it’s been calculated. It’s the right amount. Now eat up.” Father agreed. Being a step-father he didn’t… Leer más another bulimic princess by Bogdan Dragos

A new perspective

By Sara Reichert Link Blog A cold onigiri for breakfast with a glass of warm milk, flushing the dregs of disoriented thought. The day begins with construction’s chaotic cacophony, ruffling earth’s dewy breath and chasing away echoes of early birdsong. Without consideration for those still stirring between the feather-soft layers of dreams. A helicopter flies… Leer más A new perspective

Engine 34 by Michele Lee

Blog Michele Lee Link they studiedthey trainedtested they wereJust like the menfighting firessaving livesprepared they areJust like the mendedicated servicecourageous actseach shift bringsAnother day for themneither brave actsnor lives savedbrought the camerasFilming the four of themvacations observedschedules adjustedcaused a firehouse stirInterest in the four of theman “all-female crew”now a headlinea first, but not permanentFour firefighters… Leer más Engine 34 by Michele Lee

18th Century Venice: the Coal Guys by Robin Saikia

Link blog Robin Another decidedly tarot-like image from Gaetano Zompini. The coal carriers, carbonai or carboneri, unloaded coal from the barges that docked at the Riva del Carbon on the Grand Canal. They delivered it around the city in large baskets known as corbe. In the rhyme they describe themselves as “privileged”. This was because… Leer más 18th Century Venice: the Coal Guys by Robin Saikia