‘Forever Yours’ #poetry

By Jane Aguiar

Singing sweet songs 
and flowing in the slow stream 
of the mountain 
through the Swapnagandha forest, 
my eyes fell on you and…

I fell in love with you.

Your passion 
is so strong that 
I come to you 
from the height of 600 metres 
of Kolar ghat, 
blowing like a strong wind and... 

 I embrace you.

Embarrassed by my visit, 
you completely 
dissolve into me
like a sweet sugar,
that's when 
you and I 
come together and...

We become one, forever.

Yet,I am insatiable 
and for hundreds of years
I was yours,
I am yours now and...

I will always be yours 

Pic. Credit: Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Site address: https://meandmyliterature.wordpress.com/

We welcome Jane Aguiar who begins to collaborate with Gobblers / Masticadores

Jane Aguiar

Escritora / Goa. India

Jane Aguiar escritora de poesía, poesía silábica, prosa y poesía y ficción flash.

Vive en Goa, India con su esposo e hija. Ella es maestra permanente en la «Sociedad Diocesana de Educación» Altinho, Panaji-Goa.

Puedes leer más de la poesía de Jane en ‘Literature World» Twitter: https://twitter.com/_jancita_15?t=Z8bgDt-A6w8UHuAo2ZqF4Q&s=09

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