Yes, I love you!

by Rana

Although, she knew all my gestures and mood swings, I didn’t want to show her I was tired, sad, or angry. It was snowing outside like a light drizzle of rain I was familiar with. I had always loved the rain, but today was different. When she said over the phone she was picking me up from the airport I was tolerably excited.

The airport was congested with people, and I was feeling cold. I just had a hand-carry in my hand and a magazine I had been reading in the plane. Same old jeans, my favorite shirt, and the old jacket. I rearranged my unsettled hair, reconsidered my breath. My face was almost drawn to the fact that my tiredness should not ravage the moment here.

Evidently, I was cold but inside the lava of my emotions was burning my desires, my curiosity, and most of all, the excitement. People were greeting their loved ones; I almost had crossed the hallway after the lobby. Still, there was no sign of her. My heart was beating so fast, my lips dry with the cold wind outside were just uttering words I never heard before. I was checking my phone off and on to see if she might ring me. My ears were almost were frozen because I was not enamored of wearing caps.

Soon even with the dead cold of the day, I could smell her. I knew she was pretty close now but could not locate her because I was scanning everywhere. My eyes were curious, and my heart was pondering to find her. All of a sudden, I felt someone just clutched my hand, dropping me motionless for a while. She was right there standing right in front of me. Besides the hat, she was wearing wholly covered in the long jacket touching her knees. I was quite unable to see her jeans. Her shoes were completely covered in snow. She gave me a heavy gaze analyzing what I had been through on the last flight.

This was the first time we were facing in public, and my nervousness was on the peaks. Then murmuring slowly in my ears

– Are you are alright? 

Her lips were already touching my cheeks. Swiftly she hooked her arm into my elbow said slowly again 

– Let us go.

The whole world ceased right there for a moment as I pondered I never owned a life, and there is something that is going to commence soon enough. She walked me through to the parking lot where her car was submerged in snow. My eyelids were widened, and my heart was bouncing with excitement. She was right there, in my arms head on my shoulders telling me she had submitted her to me at that moment. Everything in those surroundings fitted to me, and most of all, she belonged to me.

The first moment in my life that a sweetheart was going to drive, and I was fixed in the passenger seat the first time. What a colossal sophistication and a legendary feeling. Seat belts were on, the engine was running soon enough, and we started rolling. I was observing her turning to steer rambling the car on the road with a heavy pedal on the race. Beautiful addition of images into my world, she was ravishing, enduring, and sumptuous

I asked her to slow down and keep the speed as low as possible. She smiled and slowed down the vehicle, rapidly swapping lanes. The left-hand drive vehicles allow you to forbear one hand if they have automatic gear. She was quite cognizant of this and so holding my left hand with her right one. Her fingers were clutched in mine, she was not wearing the jacket anymore. I could see her with her full luminosity, with all the treasures she carried. Asking me a lot of questions while halting at traffic lights, she actually needed to know if I was hungry. I nonchalantly replied

– You are all the lust I crave on this earth, and here you are holding my hand lying next to me, what more I fancy from this life?

Her smile was priceless at the time as she pinched my hand with full force.Can I ask you a question? I slowly muttered. 

– Yes, of course, she replied. 

– Do you love me? I asked intently. 

– Yes I love you honey with all my heart, she responded. 

– Stop the car, I said immediately. 

Shocked by the sudden swing of moods she murmured In the middle of the road? 

Do you love me or not? I told this out loud this time. 

– Yes, indeed I love you, she replied again. 

Quite demanding this time, I said this with passionate exuberance,

– If you love me, stop the car and kiss me right away! 

Her face had turned pink till now, but I was astounded ultimately when she hit the brake pedals, and the car came to a complete halt in the middle of the road. She unhooked the seat belt transferring almost all her weight into my seat and whispered right on my lips:

– I am yours, and you know it! 

Before she could get a ticket for stopping all of a sudden in the center of the road, she quickly moved the car and took me to her favorite restaurant.

Copyright © 2019 Rana M All rights reserve

Photo by armennano from Pixabay 

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