by Richard M. Ankers They bothered me. I was bothered. It wasn’t that they tried. Just being in the vicinity boiled my blood. Their voices grated. Their nasal intonations made me want to scream, ‘Say it right!’ If they laughed, it sounded spiteful. When they looked, it made me retch. Again, not because they focused… Leer más Unbothered

The Reef

by Gina Maria Manchego I am waiting in the sediment of the undertow. This vacation tide seems so calm and cool, I coax you to take a dip into good intentions. Azure reflections of ever after promises, leading you into the depths of unexpected intimacy. Those men delight in the thrill, as they ride these… Leer más The Reef


by Richard M. Ankers A delicate expression of an encompassing form, she closed around him like a rose petal the night. She sampled of his nectar, and though it tasted bitter to most, found it intoxicating.  # She bloomed in the spring of their meeting. It rained that first day. She didn’t care. As though… Leer más Petal