If I had you

by Rana What if I had love, what a beautiful world it would be Evolving in the glory of love, I could have found me I would have kissed you dearly, only if you agree Indulge in me, hug me, kiss me & set my soul free Ratiocinate love by wits of desires to what… Leer más If I had you


by Rana A narrow escape from the dry land of my heart My amorous emotions search for a place to stay Rendering dreams to the canvas of my loving soul Feelings tend to rise above my plight, all the way Redirected to the storm of passion inside me I grip your succulent pink lips, without… Leer más Lips

Dry Land

by Rana My last wish for survival Would be the main attraction An improper fraction Oh! I think There’s one way in to be Swiftly washed out I witness Downtrodden respect from the last sips Of your lips, you’ll think about me Dignity Holds my head in secrecy Then orchestrated compelled Annoyingly dry spellbound Love… Leer más Dry Land