Christmas Clay Earrings – 2

Hello dear friends!

I want to continue showing you how a piece of polymer clay can turn into miniature Christmas wreaths. That you can wear as earrings.

So, first of all, I conditioned (meaning I warmed up) red and green polymer clay. This is a very important step when working with clay. 

I’ve decided to make the hoop components myself using silver color wire. But, you’ll find such hoop components for sale in specialized jewelry making shops. 

Then I made a tiny base out of green clay. I modeled tiny leaves. I rolled the clay into a ball, flattened it and then turned it into an oval shape. I used a needle tool to make a leaf vein pattern.

Then I used some red clay and made tiny red fruits. Like the ones you usually see in Christmas decorations.

Then I put everything into the oven for 40 minutes at the recommended temperature.

I let the clay cool down, then I used an embossing pen and Wow sparkling embossing powder to add a faux snow effect to the wreath.

I finished by attaching earring findings. And that’s it.

I hope you liked this Christmas inspired design.

Have a beautiful and inspired day!


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