Christmas Clay Earrings

Hello dear readers!

I consider myself a polymer clay evangelist. I love polymer clay and I love sharing my love for this great art medium with the entire world. 

There is something special about polymer clay.  I discovered it one day and I was hooked. And, to tell you the truth, all those working with polymer clay are very passionate about clay. 

And this is because it’s very easy to work with polymer clay. You need to bake the pieces to make them strong and resistant, but you don’t need a fancy oven like you would need for pottery. It is safe to use the personal oven as long as you’re not baking industrial amounts of clay pieces.

And you can make your clay look like anything you like. It imitates natural materials  (wood, metal, stone, etc.). It’s great to make jewelry as well as larger decorative objects (vases, boxes, jewelry holders, etc.)

And it comes in so many wonderful colors that you can further mix into more colors. 

Literally the sky is the limit. 

To bring our conversation down to earth, I’m going to show you the process to make a Christmas inspired pair of clay earrings. 

For these earrings, I used red and white polymer clay, a beautiful silkscreen, red and white acrylic paint, a special snow-like embossing glitter and UV resin on top.

There are only two things to keep in mind when working with clay: mixing the clay well to warm it up to get it to be very maleable and carefully observing the baking temperature (it can depend according to the brand of clay).

I tried to instill in these Christmas earrings all my love for Christmas decorations and Christmas lights and my childlike enthusiasm for this time of the year.

I hope you like this Christmas inspiration.

Wishing you a beautiful, peaceful and blessed holiday season!


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