Escape rooms by Jorge Aldegunde

Picture taken from Pinterest

In my desperate runaway I saw two opposing doors at the end of a narrow corridor. I rushed towards them whilst heeding countless CCTV cameras around me. Only one would lead to the exit; how would I make out the right one, though? Tried hard to think but could not focus. I made up my mind to use my intuition. Both accesses featured robust metallic door frames, albeit the one on my right-hand side had a grid at the bottom. I got down and looked through it. I could see faint light gleaming far off. But was it real or just delusion?

I made a last attempt at visualizing the map of the premises, but my mind was overwhelmed by an old memory of mine, where I would show riding an old bicycle amid pouring rain. I closed my eyes and tried the blind gate.

They were waiting in silence. Before I could even blink, I was surprised by a burst of gunfire. Then everything went dark and I knew no more.


‘Positive reinforcement. A classic,’ said one officer scribbling down some notes.

‘Next one!’ yelled another one.


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