Ol’ Bloody Brush… by Bogdan Dragos

Picture taken from Pinterest the old man stank but he stank more of booze and cheap tobacco than filth his mouth missed a lot of teeth and his eyes would never look in the same direction at once but worst of all were his hands Now those were really messed up He claimed he had… Leer más Ol’ Bloody Brush… by Bogdan Dragos

Forward… by Quinny Martínez

Picture taken from Pinterest. Title: Golden Rain. Author: Anna Bezlubaya Burning chest … Upright they receive the manna that falls from heaven.  Keeping their watch expectant. Tits… drunk and swimming in consecrate wine;  looking straight ahead. Massive destruction weapons. Free, feminine, independent. Synonymous of life and vanity. Course of lust and debauchery. Honey, vinegar and… Leer más Forward… by Quinny Martínez

Who Wants to Travel to Outer Space?… by Jorge Aldegunde

Picture taken from Pinterest ‘The referee added some fourteen minutes.’ That’s all I could utter in a low, subdued tone. The guy just raised an eyebrow; he was a professional in the art of casting doubt in contestants’ minds, and mine proved no exception. With an insolent smile, he would keep timing under perfect control… Leer más Who Wants to Travel to Outer Space?… by Jorge Aldegunde