XXIII by Jorge Aldegunde

“I strongly feel that the time of scientists is coming to an end. Who needs them, after all? There is strong evidence that their domain is inevitably languishing. Machines, once an irrelevant piece in the jigsaw as mere contributors in complex experiments –whether verifying parameters, measuring reagents and drawing proportions–, are presently interpreting results, inferring patterns and thereby guaranteeing success in future research. They have become a new paradigm of trial and no-error. Within microseconds, robots acquire knowledge worth several years’ research, if it were to be undertaken by the most talented group of humans on earth.”

As he went through his essay, he tried to spot useful links and references in the holographic picture. Truth be told, he found it difficult to tell between natural and artificial creations –the output of those bot columnists that were taking over his profession–.

“Journalists,” he thought. “Who needs us, after all?”  


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