Written Wings

by Cristina Steliana Mihailovici

I saw a book on an old tree bark;
It's written carefully page by page. 
Its smell of new is open my Dacian part, 
Its written words are giving me wings.

I start easily to fly over the forest
To discover life in the crown of the trees, 
In the leaves whisper, in the nature's rivers, 
In the fire flies which are lighting poet's way.

I am walking away to not wake up the nature 
I am flying over mountains covered by glory 
Over mysterious places with many creatures 
Over the seas which reflect pages of history.

Over Dracula's Castle, the Statue of Liberty,
Arctic icebergs or Egyptian Pyramids, 
The famous Big Ben from London city, 
Or over the Liver Birds from Liverpool.

My wing's are bitting same with my heart,
With infinite words founded in my mind age 
The chorus of my toughts sings and waltz: 
Speak, Read, Write ... on your life's page!

Image: Mystic Art Design from Pixabay 


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