A room to visit and revisit, a room of friendship

By Seden W. Watanabe

Have you ever closed your eyes and silently made a prayer for a friend’s happiness and prosperity?

Have you ever, quietly with much patience and compassion, listened to a friend’s anguish & grief while you were at your lowest yourself?

Have you ever, stood up for a friend just because he/she was right and the other person wasn’t?

Have you ever, been hurt by a friend yet you were sympathetic and gracious enough to forgive and forget just because you cared?

Do you check on your friends from time to time, if they’re doing okay or not?

Do you also sometimes take the initiative to arrange for a meet up/ tea-coffee date?

Do you buy your friends a present, be it affordable or costly or give them things that they fancy, which definitely will cheer them up?

Do you let other people know about the amazing qualities that your friend possesses?

Do you truly encourage/compliment your friend on his/her achievements and success even though that’s somewhere you wanted to be?

Like there is a saying “It takes two to tango”. It certainly does require two people’s inclination, some warmth and sincere effort for this bond to flourish into one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Friendship, companionship, comradeship, fellowship, whatever we might call it, “Friendship” to me is all about just one thing and that is – unfeigned love and care for one another.

While our friends are one of the most precious gifts to cherish in this lifetime, every so often, we tend to underestimate or rather, take them for granted.

All the questions that I’ve written above are the things that I try to incorporate in my daily life.. in my very own personal way. Not that I was born saint, but in true honesty, these are the things that I have learned from all of my friends and still keep learning each passing day.

I truly believe that no matter how long you’ve known your friend for, there is always something new and awe- inspiring to learn if you’re willing to look, listen and feel.

Lastly, friendship to me is not about having a huge circle to hang out with but simply to have that one person at-least, near or far who believes in you and truthfully roots for your happiness.

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