A Special Spotlight and Celebration!

By Michelle Lee Ode to 2022by Charles Schilling It gave us round three“2020 two”!It gave us more tensionand more lessons too.More are dead in the streets,more bombs dropped overseas.Another trillion or so dollars spentand another broken family.Tell me friend, can you say,if your fears have been relieved?It’s the end of round three…with another to come… Leer más A Special Spotlight and Celebration!

A Delayed Birthright

By Michele Lee Not baptized, not protectedfrom that which chaos and anger inflicted some of us        were not granted an anointed birth right        were not given sparkly crib mobiles that captured                our fascination and created an illusion of a star-filled night        were not lulled to dreams with sweet tunes                that let in only purity and light        were born into a world… Leer más A Delayed Birthright

the Write Path

By Michele Lee My eyes are burning, and my legs are numb,but it is worth it because my first draft is done!What began as two short stories combined into oneis now forty-five chapters (almost 85,000 words)written over the course of nineteen months. I wrote it, dreamt it, lived it, imagined it, read it, and edited… Leer más the Write Path


by mikesteeden Her dark veil, a time-honoured symbol of secret sin, and regardless, her private affair, as was the flaxen-haired girl’s forbidding, yet disguised scowling disposition. In one hand a cute little pink tablet that, when devoured…to be taken along with a strongly recommended swig of any and all sugary thirst-quenching beverages…ends life in an… Leer más UNINVITED MELANCHOLY