Finding Sanctuary in Times of Change by Sara Reichert

Times of transition are like hurricanes. Confusing, loud, messy and intense. There is uncertainty and a sense of powerlessness that directly affects our peace and sanctuary. Some of us deal with the changes with decidedly more grace than others. Some are rocked off their foundations, never to be the same again. The point is that… Leer más Finding Sanctuary in Times of Change by Sara Reichert


by A. M. Moscoso Putting My Feet In the Dirt #3 Prompt Crispy and Crunchy Ludwig Sigmundt Florrie Herold dressed in her finest mourning dress strolls through the botanical gardens miles away from where she actually lives. She enjoys her journey to the gardens, she never waves at the people she knows but she does… Leer más Florrie

Life so Fragile

By Tina Cleveland blog The snow is falling gently, it’s quiet all around Everyone’s in their own world, on the streets there’s not a sound, Lights are twinkling brightly, indicating there’s life within But not in Gordon’s heart, he’s soaked to the skin His feet ache with the frost bite, his clothes have seen better… Leer más Life so Fragile

Autumn Delivers

By Michele Lee After a long delay, I was finally able to spend some time with my daughter, who lives 1,200 miles away. We shared many special moments during my nine-day stay, that ended yesterday on a chilly afternoon. Revisiting her hugs, laughs, and beautiful town, cannot come too soon. The following poem, “Autumn Delivers”… Leer más Autumn Delivers


By Aedus Rythe blog Can’t remember yesterday. Just little postcards and kind words, Needle hits vein, collapsing before I even stand. I’m a patient person, smile and the welts still exist, Steroid stomach, losing weight. It’s dawn. Yellow and distant. Rest my head and wait for it to happen again. Dreams desire the world. It’s… Leer más Anemia