#Poetry: Unconditional love empowers

By Jane Aguiar (Site: https://meandmyliterature.wordpress.com/)

Dad, your unconditional 
love and affection 
empowers me and mom 
when we are both 
unfortunate, uncomfortable and uncertain.

When you were here, 
everything was going well 
and now 
everyone turned their backs 
on us, when it was time to support us.

Mom hides her grief from me 
and just cries 
so the nights get more horrible.

Mom's tears 
are constantly flowing 
like Ganga and Yamuna.
Her life is depressing, 
yet she does not lighten her grief 
in front of me.

In the past 
you hugged me and mom 
and every pain disappeared 
but now you are close to God 
and we miss you. 
Therefore, pain attracts our soul.

She tries to suppress her pain 
as if everything is in vain 
and behaves normally 
in front of me 
to get love and affection from me.

Pic Credit: Goodtherapy. org
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