Pain Never Leaves You by Terveen Gill

I wake and find that it’s in the bathroom, waiting for me to join it. It sits on my toothbrush, restless to give my lips a kiss. I brush like there’s a demon in the depths of my mouth, it must be purged before I utter a single syllable. I spit. And rinse. Perhaps I’ve… Leer más Pain Never Leaves You by Terveen Gill

Cheers to Me!

By Terveen Gill I’m the one who comes drunk to the party. But I never leave drunk. Why? Because I usually pass out midway. Yes, embarrassing. I doubt it’ll be any different today. Still at home, I’m four drinks down, the fifth almost done, the sixth is coming with me. My driver honks furiously. I… Leer más Cheers to Me!