Bird’s Eye View

by Rae Cod The red breasted Robin was brazen, in her people watching wa Studying them with fascination, sometimes watching one for days She had formed a theory, kept nice and close to her red breast The time had come to journey, put her hypothesis to test She traversed the world by magnetism, was floored… Leer más Bird’s Eye View


by Rae Cod Katy’s eyes skimmed the leaflets pinned to the wood of the bus shelter as she waited to spot a likely target.   She felt out of her depth.  She hadn’t done this in years.  What if she messed up? But Scott was desperate. So was she. They needed this. He said it was best if… Leer más Bust


by Rae Cod Millie followed the path around the trees as she had done every morning for the last six days. Six days surrounded by people but totally alone.  She’d expected the silence to be heaven, but her own mind seemed determined to create torment.  Six days down, four to go.   First, she convinced… Leer más Silence

In the game

by Rae Cod Her heart hammered in her chest and her breath came in short, sharp gasps.  Her focus was entirely on this last lap of the pool, not the other competitors, nor the time on the clock.  For these moments she embodied one singular purpose: winning.  She concentrated on her stroke, practised to near… Leer más In the game


by Rae Cod ‘Aida, what’s for breakfast?’ ‘A sliced avocado, six cherry tomatoes and a glass of iced water.’ James powered up his screen and started to work while Aida prepared his food. The silence stretched comfortably, punctuated only by the gentle hum of the 3D printer. ‘What will the weather be like today?’  James… Leer más Disconnected


by Rae Cod He sat on the step of the cabin, a sweater enough protection from the chill in the air, which promised to flee before the rising sun.  His eyes scanned the forest as he breathed in the wet, earthy scent of the petrichor.   The birds had begun their chatter, but the sky… Leer más Check


by Rae Cod Ash checked his watch.  He estimated he had five minutes until the next curfew patrol.  He turned his attention back to the wall.   A train rumbled on the bridge overhead, drowning out the sound of the spray cans as he worked.  His consciousness sank into the flow of the paint as the… Leer más Runaway