Crater by Quinny Martinez

I open my legs and wait for you to arrive unnoticed… Waiting so hard that I start to drain copiously, I have a huge crater in my lower belly, as if the jugular of my crotch was undergoing a ruthless attack by its worst enemy… Wish you were here to see you enter through this… Leer más Crater by Quinny Martinez

Forward… by Quinny Martínez

Picture taken from Pinterest. Title: Golden Rain. Author: Anna Bezlubaya Burning chest … Upright they receive the manna that falls from heaven.  Keeping their watch expectant. Tits… drunk and swimming in consecrate wine;  looking straight ahead. Massive destruction weapons. Free, feminine, independent. Synonymous of life and vanity. Course of lust and debauchery. Honey, vinegar and… Leer más Forward… by Quinny Martínez