Jane Aguiar – Interview

by Manuela Timofte A dream is not just a dream but a step towards action. We achieve our dreams by climbing one step at a time. Jane Aguiar – Lost dream M: Since when do you write? What was an early experience where you learned that language had power? When I was in class VIII,… Leer más Jane Aguiar – Interview

Beautiful book

by Manuela Timofte My steps have taken me through many places, but I always prefer and look for a library or a corner where I enjoy reading a book. In other words, I cannot live without books. Thomas Jefferson Reasons of reading Today, there is the possibility to read a book on different devices. Anyway,… Leer más Beautiful book


by Riya Yadav Amidst your gloom You realize your happiness Glancing your tumultuous past Those obscure beautiful memories That you knew would never last Deluging your fickle thoughts Abrading your fragile soul You always seem to be bubbly Despite all the despicable lies You realize you were loved And love never actually dies Isn’t life… Leer más Memories