Cheers to Me!

By Terveen Gill I’m the one who comes drunk to the party. But I never leave drunk. Why? Because I usually pass out midway. Yes, embarrassing. I doubt it’ll be any different today. Still at home, I’m four drinks down, the fifth almost done, the sixth is coming with me. My driver honks furiously. I… Leer más Cheers to Me!


by Rana The warmth of her lips melting emotions my heart carries Her eyes locked down atop of my amorous burning desires The grip of her stance turning moments into thunderstorms Stern but soft beneath her belly she revolves ice into fires Living in the moment of endless pleasure above and beyond Every second counts… Leer más Desires


by Daniela Topîrcean You were waiting for me to pass with the seasons, in minutes, in seconds, in waves, my love, love. Love had transformed my life in a wonderful song with high-frequency sounds and time had stood still in the infinite space of my heart where there was only one second of love, of… Leer más Romance

A Quiet Progression

By Michele Lee Never underestimatethe quiet ones–the same traitthat hushes their tongueis their superpowerin a world full of loud voicesclamoring to be number one. ************* I have listenedI have agreedI have noddedI have concededI have followedI have retreatedI have let others interruptI have had enough ************* Patience may be a virtuethat can save relationships,reputations, and… Leer más A Quiet Progression


By equinoxio21 I needed to escape. The memories and the pressure were… too much. I’d come back to Nairobi from a tough assignment, covering civil unrest (PC for hidden-under-the-carpet civil war) in the north of Kenya, spending weeks in the bush. I’d been trying to get an interview with the rebel chief, whom, of course,… Leer más Crows