Above, the one-eyed girl before the accident. Artist unknown. The one-eyed girl of almost fatal disasters had spent the entire morning wondering why blokes…for the main part…prefer revolvers and rifles over the humble hand-grenade. By lunchtime, she’d given up pondering, saying to herself, “What do I know,” for the time had come for scoffing yesterday’s… Leer más HARRY AND HIS GIRLS by Mike Steeden


by mikesteeden When my erudite doctor and my scrumptious Shirley both insist I should take a break from compulsive computers, endurance saunters and over thinking, I have to listen. Instead of routine I have more pills to swallow than there are pebbles on the harbour beach. So close to finishing my new tome entitled, ‘The… Leer más STRANGE TIMES


by mikesteeden Within his tavern of imaginings, out of body looking further outwardsindulgence his shy waitress serving up a comedy of realitiesactualities that would censure his each and every manipulation Dreamlands purple anecdotes a sometimes painkiller save forwhen The Master of Suspense visits unannounced, then all isa mere twisted and spoiled incidental lecherous laundry list… Leer más PARALLEL IMAGININGS


by mikesteeden YESTERDAY’S JOKER – as was, as is Cheek by jowlthe restless pigeonswatch and waitwait and watch‘No croissant crumbs today guys’He breakfasts only onsteaming expresso and nicotine He contemplates this and thatavoiding the issue at handalways dodging ‘that’ topicputs it on the back burnerfor now he takes the’round the houses walk’homeward bound She does… Leer más YESTERDAY’S JOKER


by mikesteeden Before, in the putative asylum of her bedroomwhether alone or in the company of loversthe one of curious Grecian genesis would alwayskeep alight the loose hanging shade-less bulbAs a vocal self-proclaimed freethinkerthose who understood these thingsthought this her greatest contradiction The ignorance of brawn afforded himan ability to see past the light andinto… Leer más CARDBOARD CITY


by mikesteeden Her dark veil, a time-honoured symbol of secret sin, and regardless, her private affair, as was the flaxen-haired girl’s forbidding, yet disguised scowling disposition. In one hand a cute little pink tablet that, when devoured…to be taken along with a strongly recommended swig of any and all sugary thirst-quenching beverages…ends life in an… Leer más UNINVITED MELANCHOLY