Let your Spirit take Flight! (dance)

By Michele Lee Grounded, I know how to be.Feet planted for        writing,           teaching,              listening,                 gardening,                    meditating,                       photographing,                          cooking and serving,                             bed-side tending,                                and for clothes and hearts that need mending. A responsible grown-up – you can count on memost of the timeI am a focused woman moving through tasksbut sometimesI must toss aside those form-fitting hatsand slip into the little girl who wore pink… Leer más Let your Spirit take Flight! (dance)

the Write Path

By Michele Lee My eyes are burning, and my legs are numb,but it is worth it because my first draft is done!What began as two short stories combined into oneis now forty-five chapters (almost 85,000 words)written over the course of nineteen months. I wrote it, dreamt it, lived it, imagined it, read it, and edited… Leer más the Write Path

Property Dispute

by Michele Lee Words, annoying when first heard,took a lifetime to reveal their worth.You are no one’s property, is what she said,after seeing a possessive slogan, claimingthat I was property of my first boyfriend,proudly displayed on my just made pin,attached to my shirt. Rolling eyes at the stern onewho was not a favorite,waiting for my… Leer más Property Dispute

Feeling the Squeeze

Michele Lee Over seven million people call the land of the five Cs home. Copper, cattle, cotton, climate, and citrus- the economic foundation that drove the 48th state’s early days. Long before copper was used as a conductor of electricity or European settlers began digging for precious metals across this desert land, Native Americans used… Leer más Feeling the Squeeze

Heart Beats on a City Street by Michele Lee

Blog Michele Words, the author’s building blocks,filling half a city block.One after another, bound words,alphabetized and organized, surrounded by gray bricks,one after another, neatly stacked.Words transformed into books and bricks transformed into a building,by artists’ hands, inviting others to step in. I meant toaccept the invitation and lose myselfin the place where there is a… Leer más Heart Beats on a City Street by Michele Lee