Mother’s Return by Matthew Robinson

Blog Night after night, I prayed for my mother’s return. Then, one night, in a dream, she was finally there. She said she’d come in answer to all my prayers. I was so happy, I wept. In the dream, my mother held me and gave me the comfort from this wretched life I so desperately… Leer más Mother’s Return by Matthew Robinson

Pest Control

by Mathew Robinson link blog I work nights. So when the doorbell rang around noon, I was still on the couch in my underwear having my morning coffee. Thankfully, I don’t get many visitors, especially unannounced visitors. So I went to the window to look outside to see what was up. All I could see… Leer más Pest Control

The Tip

By Mathew Robinson Link blog effrey arrived with the pizza. He parked in front of the mobile home. He got out and knocked on the rattly storm door. An old man in jean shorts and a white tank top came to the door. “Pizza?” Jeffery asked with his customary, exaggerated cheer. “Yeah,” the old man… Leer más The Tip