This Rose

by Marcello Comitini In every petal of this rose that stands out on the long and thorny stem the scents of the garden are reflected. She offers herself entirely to the sun that invades to the caresses and slaps of the wind to the luminous tears of the rain to the lacerations of the hail… Leer más This Rose


by Marcello Comitini Is the space between branch and branch, between leaf and leaf an essential part of the tree? Does it make sense to break her fronds? In the movement of existence that pushes her to fill the void the sap germinates in new branches. But they will bloom against the bare walls of… Leer más Recognize


by Marcello Comitini I want to give a name to my silences a sound reminiscent of harmony of a song accompanied by the night. The key to access the hidden secrets behind a wall of uncertainty. Scan the caesura and the reprises, the air of war, of hunting and chains behind a taut, resonant string.… Leer más Sounds