The sailboat by Brian Martin-Onraët

Thelittle bird looked at the sea.  It looked so small. As if a single gust of wind could make it tumble into the water. It was perching on the longest branch of a tree, by the seashore. The end of the branch reached a few above the water. From the window the little bird looked… Leer más The sailboat by Brian Martin-Onraët

And the rain came in… by Brian Martin-Onraët

equinoxio21 / “I remember the day he came. It was a Sat’day. The day it began to rain. I didn’t see him myself that day. Freddy told me.” “Freddy Henderson?” “Yes. Freddy was… he was… comin’ back from the lake. He’d gone… fishin’. Yep. Fishin’!” “At night? Freddy must’ve been poaching. Never mind. I’ll talk… Leer más And the rain came in… by Brian Martin-Onraët


by Brian Martin-Onraét equinoxio21 “Doc! Doc”! “What’s the matter, Raphaela? We’ll never finish on time if you keep interrupting!” “Sorry Doc, we have an emergency. The Boss is coming down to the Lab. In five minutes.” “Damn! How do you know?” “Gabby called me. And she says the Boss is in a bad mood. Very.… Leer más Doc.