To sow by hand

by Marcello Comitini Sometimes I seem to be one of those many country people who live in the simplicity of their hovels. The one who did not know how to turn his work into an industrial process and remained sowing by hand throwing the seeds with gestures from the past in the furrows traced with… Leer más To sow by hand

Annette Gordon-Reed, The Art of Nonfiction No. 11

Interviewed by John Jeremiah Sullivan (Winter 2021) By Paris Review Courtesy of Annette Gordon-Reed. Annette Gordon-Reed will always be most famous for having confirmed, beyond a reasonable doubt, the centuries-old rumors about Thomas Jefferson having had multiple children with a mixed-race woman named Sally Hemings, whom he owned. In 1997, armed with only the analog… Leer más Annette Gordon-Reed, The Art of Nonfiction No. 11


Smile by Matthew Robins She said, “Won’t you please come over and show me your smile?” “Why?” “Because I love your smile. It makes me feel good.” “But why? Is it because it’s a wonderful smile or because my smile gives you a good feeling?” “Your smile, directed at me, gives me a good feeling,”… Leer más Smile