One of those Urban Legends by Terveen Gill

She was protected from the beginning. The golden child, revered for being herself, unapologetic, unafraid, her heart comparable to heavy lead. Nothing could penetrate it. No emotion was strong or daring enough to live in its depths. There was only darkness, the kind that swallowed whole without a pause or a breath. She grew in… Leer más One of those Urban Legends by Terveen Gill

Never Ending Cycle by Sebastian Iturralde

(Blog by Sebastian) School shootings steadily increased to the point that the government could no longer ignore the problem. Something had to be done. Accepting the impossible options, the Ministry of People Protection was created to counteract the problem. George Thompson, a man with an out-of-the-box philosophy, was chosen as director of the Ministry of… Leer más Never Ending Cycle by Sebastian Iturralde


A short story in Vietnamese by Nguyễn Văn Thiện Translator: Nguyễn Thị Phương Trâm (link Blog) Art: Đinh Trường Chinh  NECROPOLIS  Separated by a small path, a park suddenly popped up next to a Necropolis of zombies. The best architects were hired to take care of the new development. Innumerable exotic flora and fruit trees were… Leer más NECROPOLIS 


by Brian Martin-Onraét equinoxio21 “Doc! Doc”! “What’s the matter, Raphaela? We’ll never finish on time if you keep interrupting!” “Sorry Doc, we have an emergency. The Boss is coming down to the Lab. In five minutes.” “Damn! How do you know?” “Gabby called me. And she says the Boss is in a bad mood. Very.… Leer más Doc.