thrill of the wrong place by Bogdan Dragos

she sat him down at what she judged to be the most isolated table in the restaurant and then seated herself across from him took off her shoes and did what she always did when they shared the same table placed her feet into his lap and began to work around the belt and the… Leer más thrill of the wrong place by Bogdan Dragos


by mikesteeden Berlin, oh my Berlinin those years between two warsyou were coarse, of course, you knew ita reprobate behind closed doors decadence’s dream unfetteredyour nightclubs lewd and crudeWeimar culture babes ‘a dancing’most times in the naughty naked nude transvestites, candelabra’ssmall dark venues, dimly litcabaret within a smoky hazesuch a perfect fit The Blue Angel,… Leer más FRESH FLESH & CHILLED CHABLIS


By mikesteeden blog Link In a particle of time before infinity went viral: Imagine if you can, a yesterday, a today, a tomorrow, all unable to boast of unambiguous powers of retention or, perhaps, frivolous sex lacking a diarised recall, maybe a backpacker’s wet dream short of heavenly remembrance, then again, perhaps conceivably priceless drugs… Leer más THE GENESIS OF CONSCIOUSNESS – LADY FREYA HELLA’S ACCOUNT

Forward… by Quinny Martínez

Picture taken from Pinterest. Title: Golden Rain. Author: Anna Bezlubaya Burning chest … Upright they receive the manna that falls from heaven.  Keeping their watch expectant. Tits… drunk and swimming in consecrate wine;  looking straight ahead. Massive destruction weapons. Free, feminine, independent. Synonymous of life and vanity. Course of lust and debauchery. Honey, vinegar and… Leer más Forward… by Quinny Martínez