by mikesteeden Berlin, oh my Berlinin those years between two warsyou were coarse, of course, you knew ita reprobate behind closed doors decadence’s dream unfetteredyour nightclubs lewd and crudeWeimar culture babes ‘a dancing’most times in the naughty naked nude transvestites, candelabra’ssmall dark venues, dimly litcabaret within a smoky hazesuch a perfect fit The Blue Angel,… Leer más FRESH FLESH & CHILLED CHABLIS


by Daniela Topîrcean Unspoken words were blooming in my chest like translucent petals of the lotus opening slowly, the words open next to each other endlessly and each is an unspoken miracle. … My soul was full – I felt it hurt- I was a lotus flower with infinite petals. … Photo by yyryyr1030 from Pixabay


by Petru Racolța If you have a good man by your side, Appreciate and keep him close, Goodness is a rare gem Which must always be sanded With the same coin. If you have a true friend by your side, Respect and do not blame him for his flaws, Friendship is the greatest gift Which… Leer más Wealth

Finding Sanctuary in Times of Change by Sara Reichert

Times of transition are like hurricanes. Confusing, loud, messy and intense. There is uncertainty and a sense of powerlessness that directly affects our peace and sanctuary. Some of us deal with the changes with decidedly more grace than others. Some are rocked off their foundations, never to be the same again. The point is that… Leer más Finding Sanctuary in Times of Change by Sara Reichert