Crescent Moon…#Free_style by Jane Aguiar

If I don't see you all day
You should be upset
You should come and surprise me
After the office hours

When you come to see me
Bring crimson red roses
You reach that spot early
And enjoy my memories

When you remember me
You should forget the world
Let go of all your worries
And immerse yourself in my love

When looking at the moon at night
I should look like a crescent moon
When you call me with love
I want to see the same moon

While walking with you
If I accidentally lose sight of you
Hiding the tears in your eyes
You should be very angry

If I say, there is no time to meet
You should become non-communicative
Finally melting me
You should win the heart of me

Copyright ©️ 2022 Jane Aguiar

Pic credit: Antiqforum 


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