all you can do, dear mind by Bogdan Dragos

he throws his weak body on
the bed
and breathes against the
and feels around with his hands
in the vain hopes
that maybe, maybe he'll be able
to find another one
of her lost hairs

No luck

Ah, isn't it amazing how much of
a hopeless creature a human's
mind is in this

The mind of man is the ultimate
loser in all of existence

It literally never wins
against the heart


If the heart tells you to love
the one being who
wakes you up in the middle of the night
with a vicious bite on the neck
and demands that you
listen to her story about
how her fourth eye opened the last
time you fucked
and she saw God...
The mind can do nothing about it.

Oh, mind, you eternal

Don't you ever get tired
of losing?

Even now as she is far, far away
in another world
you still can't win over the heart who
tells you to remember
and worship her

You're hopeless, mind. Hopeless

All those years ago,
she opened her fourth of ninth or
whatever eye and saw God,
but me...
I had only to close the eyes
that I had
and feel her right there

God is whomever your
heart tells you that God is,
and nobody else

and despite all religions and creeds
and dogmas and indoctrination
and cults... The mind, as always, has no
saying in the matter

All you can do, dear mind, is give up
and rest in peace

Thank you.

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