Dark days of Texas… —A story. By John Coyote

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(I am editing a old story. My spaghetti western.

Dark days of Texas- Chapter one.

Another hot day in Texas. 110 degrees and the ground so damn hot. Old man John had put his horse in the Austin city horse stable. Too damn hot to ride and a good time to drink some whiskey and wait. He looked into the mirror in the Last Chance saloon and he saw a very old man face. When he rode with  Samuel Hamilton Walker 30 years ago. They called him handsome Johnnie. Now his face damaged by the sun and seven scars from Dirty Deed Eric knife 10 years ago. All his friends just called him Old man John. He accepted the name without complain. They could have called him worst.  He thought of the Wolf woman. He loved her so and he looked to the walls of the tavern and whispered. Thank you Wolf woman Sherry for saving my life and staying with me. She was mighty pissed off when the Texas Rangers begged him to come back for one more mission. Dirty deed Eric was roaming and killing again. Wild buck Jalan came to his homestead in the Rio Grande Valley and he picked him-up. He was lucky  Wolf woman Sherry didn’t carve off his balls off. Wild Buck Jalan was a old friend. He saved his life after the battle of South Carolina and they served together in the Civil war for two years.  He could fight like three men and he could kill with knife or gun with skill and speed. He saved his life plenty of times in the war and Jalan saved his life often in the bloody battles.. He was from Atlanta and he escaped in 1861 and joined the northern army. He was about 140 pounds then and today. Fat and mean as an wild boar. There were few black Texas rangers but he befriended him and kept him near for 20 years. Few men would mess with Wild Buck Jalan. He treated racism with his blade across your forehead and a kick in the face.

He did miss Wolf woman. He remembered after Dirty deed Eric carved-up my face, sliced opened his chest  and broke his legs. Then left him in the desert to die and be food for the coyotes. He thought  he was dying and he was dreaming. He saw a person dressed in a bear coat with the face covered. He didn’t know if man or woman? She came to him and behind her was a large white wolf.  She lowered herself and removed the cover from her face. She put her face close to him and she whispered. You dead or alive you damn coyote. He looked a her pretty face and blue eyes and he whispered. Ain’t dead yet pretty lady. Maybe you are the Devil or an Angel? Maybe I’m dead? She smiled and she whispered. Can’t kill men like you. Devil don’t want you and you are born in Texas. Texas men need a bullet in the head or they crawl like snakes into pits and be reborn. He liked her from the first moment he heard her speak and he told her. I’m glad to have seen a woman before I’m dead. Better than that Dirty deed Eric face, my last thoughts.  She smiled again and she whispered. You ain’t dying and you are talking too much for a dying man. Dying men like you. Always talking pretty words and they are meaningless. She picked-up his 200 pound body and she carried him like a child. She put his body over her donkey and he passed-out. His last memory till reaching her cabin hidden in the hills.

When he awoke. He saw Wolf Woman Sherry cooking food in the kitchen and she was wearing only her underwear.  The hot Texas days and night. Leave little need for clothing in the house. He liked what he saw. Longs legs and meaty woman. All of a sudden he felt a animal near. The wolf was eye to eye with him. Liked he read his thoughts. He looked at the wolf and the wolf looked at him. Sherry yelled. El Diablo, go to your bed. She came to him with food and fork and she told him. Don’t talk and please just eat. You are lucky I saved you. Your Texas Rangers killed my husband and I thought about feeding you to my wolf. My husband, an Apache.  You killed him on your raids. I don’t like people and I don’t like you. He looked at her long auburn hair and pretty face. He wondered how a woman lived alone and separated from human life. She saw the questions in his eyes and she told him. If you shut-up. I will tell you my story. He shook his head in agreement. 

She touched the bandages on his face and chest. She whispered. You lucky to be alive. You almost bleed-out. I had to burn your face and chest some. To stop the bleeding. You will be ugly, but you will be alive. Now be quiet and I will tell you a sad tale, with a sad ending. I have my wolf now and no-one bothered me. They call me the Wolf woman. The Apaches and white people. I scare the hell out of them. Years ago I was a young nurse and  I came out-west from Boston.  I worked at one of your small settlements outside of Laredo. The soldiers came mainly. I treated their wounds and they were thankful. They were foolish times. Brother killing brother and the war found Texas. Gray killing blue for the sake of no common sense reasons. One day a few soldiers brought me a Apache. He was beaten and bleeding. The soldiers told me. Keep him alive till tomorrow. Going to hang the savage in the morning. He was handcuffs and silence. I treated his wounds and cleaned him up. He was wearing only a small cloth and he held silence. I fed him like I’m feeding you. He ate the food and after he was was done. He told me. Thank you kind woman.  I asked him. You speak English? He smiled and he told her. Yes, when I must. He was tall, strong and his eyes kind and gentle toward me. The soldiers looked at her like a piece of meat. Few woman were around. After I fed him. I went back to my work. I had two patience and I was tire. About 6 pm, two soldiers came in drinking and talking loud. I asked them. Do you need something? They came to me. Tossed me on a patience empty bed and stripped-off my clothing. I closed my eyes expected the worst and I opened my eyes. I saw the Apache put the fork I left near him into the back of the neck of one of the soldiers and the other soldier got a foot into the his face. He jumped on the soldier and he broke his neck. The Apache came to me and he handed me some clothing and he asked. You okay little one? I’m sorry I killed them in your hospital. I rose-up and I embraced him. I thanked him a thousand times.  We left for the desert and we found his tribe. He told them I saved him from death and the other Apaches accepted me as their own. I became their medicine woman. Me and Winter Hawk got together one night and became one. Simple Apache way. After his death. The wolf he gave me. My only friend. All the Apaches are dead and gone. I became the Wolf woman and I like it.

Old man John was awoken from his daydreams and thoughts by Wild buck Jalan. They drank whiskey and they watched Loca Amber do her snake dance on the stage. They liked the Last Chance saloon. Few fights and available woman for Jalan.  They discussed Dirty Deed Eric as the darkness took over the Texas sun. Old man John told him. Dirty deed Eric is near. He is so damn mean. He robbed his mother and killed her dog. He so lonely and hateful. His only friends are the desert snakes and the wild dogs. Wild Buck Jalan told him. He is the blackest, meanest and ugliness man in Texas. He killed his brother for the last cigarette. How we going to catch him? He hit and run like a rabbit in heat. Leaving only death and blood behind.  Old man John touched his Walker’s revolvers and he watched Loca Amber kiss her snake and he told him. We will find him. Kill him once, then kill him twice to ensure he is really dead. He has no friends and he killed his mother’s dog.

Two-pistol Tammy came over and she smiled. She told them. Can’t kill dirty deed. He is the Devil son. We need to bury his ugly ass 20 feet deep in a un-marked grave. Pour some acid on him and before we bury him. We need to piss on his grave. Wild buck Jalan smiled and he agreed. He knew Two-pistol Tammy story. Dirty Deed Eric killed her sister and her lover. Raped them and hung them on the front porch of her house. She yearned for this day to repaid this debt. Double-shot Shirley came over and she told them. You can’t kill Dirty deed Eric without me. It takes the devil to kill another devil. He may be ugly, he maybe the meanest, blackest and coldest man in Texas. I going to cut-off his head and his balls. Hang them from my kitchen lamp. Shirley looked sad. Please Handsome John. He killed my husband and burn-down my farm. I need to make him die slowly and painful. Old man John smiled and he told Shirley and Tammy. I will be honored to ride with you ladies. Wolf woman will be glad to see you. She is here in Austin. She is burning sage and seeking information.

Dirty Deed Eric saw three Mexican soldiers going South. Him and his gang attacked them.  He murdered the officer first. The two soldiers tried to run.  Dominic the butcher and Sweet Cheryl Lee made a bet. Cheryl Lee told him. One shot each for a silver dollar bet. Dominic the butcher smiled and he told her. I will take the bet sweetie. She raised her rifle. Two shots and both soldiers laid dead. Dirty Deed found some bottles of tequila hidden in the bags on their donkey. Cheryl Lee and Dominic the butcher sat on the dead Mexican father body. Dirty deed Eric handed them a bottle and she raised the bottle to the sky and she would thank the Mexican in hell once day for the good drink and the men bleed out into the desert sand. Food for the wolves.

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