If I make my bed in hell by Bogdan Dragos

it was darkening outside as 
he opened the beer
and threw his old body on the rocking chair

There was no TV
in his house
"It shows people,” he'd said. "An' I can't stand

He poured the beer into
a glass
and started rocking back and forth into his chair,
looking at nothing
and enjoying it

When it was completely dark,
the black cat came into the house through
the hole in the broken window

a limp gray fish
big as a fallen leaf
glistened in its mouth, reflecting the full moon outside

"Welcome back,” he said to the cat
as it laid the fish on the carpet near his feet
and rolled on its back, exposing its belly

He took the fish
and smelled it
and tossed it into the beer
and shook the glass

"Thank you,” he said. "That's enough protein for

He leaned forward in his chair
and scratched the cat's belly
and instead of protesting, the cat opened up

"You really are God, aren't you?” he said

The cat purred
and watched him through narrowing eyes

Any day is a good day to meet God.

Sometimes it's in the form of a cat
that enters your house through a broken window
and runs under your bed

and being the sour soul you are,
you scream at it and want to kick it out, but
just as you bow down to look under the bed...

Something in your lower back pops

Now you are stuck. Frozen. You can't move a
but you feel the pain surging through your body

You can't scream for help either

All you can do is suffer as you stare into the
cold darkness
and the cold darkness stares back at you

After a lifetime spent chasing people away,
what do you have left?

You can only have what you are

"If I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there”

He will never forget the night.
The moment when eventually the cat came out from
under the bed with a
"Why do you persecute me?” look on its small face

And what can a sour soul answer to such a

"Who are you?” he thought

And the cat just smiled
came out
rubbed against his leg

and filled his body
with warmth

Then he learned who the cat was
but more importantly
he learned who
he was all this time 
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