to bring the big dream closer by Bogdan Dragos

everywhere you go
it's the same

all the big shots,
the people who made it,
entrepreneurs, artists,
and so on

they all tell you
to dream big, to set high
goals and then
trust the infinite intelligence
of the universe
while you just do your
part of the work

he thought he was
surely not
the only one who
tired of it

but he applied the methods

"When I was young and
poor," said one
of the big shots
on TV, "I used to walk into
the most expensive
stores in the city
and I would try out the most
expensive clothes. I would
take them into
the fitting rooms
and put them on
and just look at myself in
the big mirror, trying to
capture that feeling
of already having what
I desired. Trying to see
myself actually
owning those
fancy things."

It was excellent advice

He followed it. Only
he didn't just
try out the
expensive clothes. He added
a twist of his own
into the mix.

"I'm too intelligent to be
able to fool myself," he
said to himself
in the mirror
in the fitting room. "I can't
cause my mind to
believe that I actually
own these clothes. I get the
thought, but not
the feeling. The only way I
can also feel what I think
is if I do something to
my body as well."

So he did it

Took his penis out
and started rubbing it there
in the fitting room
while wearing the
super expensive clothes. Now
he was the CEO having
sex with a super model

There was both
thought and
feeling involved

The manifestation was
surely just
a step away. It was coming

just like he
was coming

inside the expensive

He then took them off
and put them
back on the
and walked out,
feeling like he accomplished

The big
was closer to reality
than ever before 

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