Jane Aguiar – Interview

by Manuela Timofte

A dream is not just a dream
but a step towards action.
We achieve our dreams
by climbing one step at a time.

Jane Aguiar - Lost dream

M: Since when do you write? What was an early experience where you learned that language had power?

When I was in class VIII, my dad was my class teacher and was very strict with me.

I wrote a skit for that year’s annual parent’s day. The name of the skit was «Superstitions». This skit was written by me to effectively eradicate superstitions from society. 

My dad rejected my skit without reading.

I met my favourite math teacher and he said I will guide you but it will be a surprise for your dad. I agreed. I also acted with all my friends. They announced my name as the writer and director of the skit, 

Everyone praised me and I found my dad looking at me surprisingly.

My dad used to examine the publication of Marathi novels, and was on the ‘Censor board of the Committee.’ Every Marathi novel went through him. 

Knowingly and unknowingly I followed my dad’s footsteps. I used to write in school and college magazines. After college, I discontinued writing.

I started blog writing in August 2021 as I wanted to get out my feelings, pain, happiness etc that were suppressed inside, and when my poems related to my readers, I realized that language has a lot of power.

M: Do you consider yourself a compass or a map writer?

No, I don’t consider myself a compass or map writer. My writing is based on my thoughts, perspectives, feelings, experiences and knowledge. I learn new poetic devices and forms and write accordingly.

M: In your workday, how much time do you spend writing?

I spent around an hour.

M: Did you ever consider writing under a pseudonym?

No, I’ve never tried it and will never do it.

M: Do you try more to be original or to deliver to readers what they want?

I try to be original. I never think about what the readers want. I also write for others’ blog posts, responding to their prompts.

M: Tell us about your latest project. Are you working on a new one now?

I have not published any book till now but my poems are published in other magazines.

Currently, I am writing a solo anthology and will complete the work by August 2023.

M: What would you say is your hallmark as a writer?

I know, I am a good poet. When my poems touch the hearts of readers they resonate to my poem.They feel that the poem is their story.

M: Do you think that accessing the reader who reads on a tablet, computer or mobile phone in different spaces (train, bus, metro) can help you be more read?

Yes, definitely, there will be more reading and we will not waste time and will not misuse time. 

M: Do you think Masticadores bet in the search for that digital reader is correct? What’s your opinion about it?

Yes, I think it’s correct. The school itself went online and penetrated mobiles and laptops. There have been many changes for the better in the electronic world. For this, book publishing, blogging, ecommerce and other works were done online.

M: What has your participation as a writer in Masticadores given you? 

I am a monthly contributor to Masticadores/Gobblers. It boosted my confidence. I have my readers, as well as readers of other sites for sure so the writer/poet in me began to write more vigorously.

I started improving my writing and responding to my readers politely and with proper knowledge. When my readers visit, I test my skills and abilities.

Now I learn new poetic devices and forms to submit the best poems to Masticadores.

I am grateful to Manuela for giving me this opportunity. Thank you very much, dear Manuela!







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