Beautiful book

by Manuela Timofte

My steps have taken me through many places, but I always prefer and look for a library or a corner where I enjoy reading a book. In other words,

I cannot live without books.

Thomas Jefferson

Reasons of reading

Today, there is the possibility to read a book on different devices. Anyway, some we carry with us almost constantly like we do with the phone. Despite that, I do not know you, but I still prefer to hold a printed book in my arms. The reason is to feel the touch of every page I read.

I found that pleasure as a child because my dad always found something to read when he had some free time. I learned from him that by reading, I will find a treasure waiting to be discovered in every book. I also mastered that a book can be my best friend (it never gossips or tells others your secrets 🙂 ).

Reading and owning

Image by Christine Engelhardt from Pixabay

A room without books is like a body without a soul.»

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Life also gave me the sad experience of seeing a library with beautiful toms and unread by those who owned that library. The idea that it was «an inheritance» did not make those people interested neither in reading nor in donating or selling those books for others to enjoy reading them.

I called it a» sad experience» because, in each book, someone laid a piece of his soul with his desire to share his experiences and imagination with others.

When several authors write from the same idea, each will write in their own way. Being unique, everyone will use their perceptions, experiences, and expression uniquely. His book will be a unique creation he shares with the rest of the world. It is like a «miracle», and it is not always offered just for the simple reason of financial benefit.

Here I can share the joy of knowing authors who have made entire volumes available to interested readers, just for the pleasure of giving people their own experience, without conditioning them on the price of a book. In fact, labelled as cheap or expensive, that book has its value only through the eyes of those who print it and/or buy it. Yet, its value is priceless for the person who gives birth to it.

Books and … lives

Image by m k from Pixabay

There are two reasons for reading a book; one, that you enjoy it; the other, that you can boast about it.

Bertrand Russell

The reader lives a life with each read because each book is a world or a life you can live through. Thus, it sets your own imagination in motion. You become a direct observer of the play on the stage set between the pages of a book. You enjoy the book you read…You live a new life, and you live many lives while reading.

You could be proud of telling others about the book you read. There is also the option of «trampling» the author and his creation because you dislike it and do not consider it good from your point of view. I say this because lately, I read many reviews for different books. The question that made its way into my mind was: “why would anyone read a book just to be able to post a negative comment? It is easier to forget a book somewhere on a shelf or donate it if you do not like it. The author writes to express his opinion. If you dislike it, it is the same as with a meal. If you dislike it, you will not eat it, but you will not offend or «kill» the chef who cooked that meal only because you don’t like it. Are you telling the chef how to do his job when you have never cooked? Same with a book. If you don’t like it, skip it, avoid it. Perhaps, it is best to write yours as you want someone else to have written it.

It is easier and better for all to appreciate the author for what he has provided through his lens. The treasure is found by those who read the book because they enjoy it. You cannot blame the book and the author because he has not written what you imagined when reading the title. He has written following his imagination and knowledge. Write your book! You will see that as an author, your opinion does not always reflect the reality or the truth of the ones who read your book, but you are happy to have your work and the beauty you left through those pages appreciated.

Returning to pride, nowadays, we have opportunities to read a book as soon as it is published, thanks to technology. We can be happy with what we read because it is our choice from millions of books. Moreover, we could be proud that we can easily read contemporaries’ books and see the same world through different lenses.

Image by Peace, love, happiness from Pixabay

Besides, if we want to change something in this world, we can be glad that we had the opportunity to appreciate the work of someone who left a piece of his soul in the pages of a book. Every kind thought sent to someone changes something for the better in our world.

Beautiful book, credit to whoever has written you 
Slowly thought, tenderly restrained; 
You are like a flower, namely in bloom 
To my hands, which opened you. 

Tudor Arghezi (Romanian writer) - Suitable Words

Love, Manuela

Copyright © 2023

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    1. I agree with you, Terveen. 🙂 It has been tried too hard to bound creativity to conventionality, and suppress its beauty in many possible ways. We all can change that by following our hearts. I am glad if my thoughts will express others’ views and feelings. Thank you for your read and kindness!

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