Jagged Existence by Terveen Gill

The smell was intolerable. A defiant odor reigned heavily in the air, masking the familiarity of the stagnant space. Two reluctant hands probed the limits of her body. She was still, her beautiful eyes creased shut. The unnerving tremble would never return to haunt her again. Her body was a careless mystery, the secrets within her waiting to be revealed.

Would he find what he was looking for?

His meticulous touch traversed her softness, leaving no stone unturned. His methodical approach encouraged her fragile state to respond, to share the untouched depths hidden beneath the stony facade.

The stench was inexcusable. It escaped through the openings, penetrating restless minds, inhibiting the smooth advance of commitment. He paused as a slight moan escaped his lips. It was beyond him to continue. He needed to escape the deafening silence. With a flick of his wrist, he covered her nakedness, concealing the madness, liberating the humiliation. Her crumbling beauty camouflaged the disgust and hostility.

She knew he would return for more.

The violation would continue, mechanically repeating itself till it justified his disgraced ambition. Yet she would not resist. He was welcome to discover her. His nauseous lust for completion would devour her body, tearing apart what remained of her dwindling dignity.

She knew she deserved far worse. Fear deserted her while logic declined to comply with her shattered sanity. Loneliness crept across the expanse; a numbing sensation overpowered her guilt.

Would she survive the brutality?

Her battered frame exhibited the price paid by her to endure the outrage. She would carry on though, breaking the shackles of her past, erasing it without a single tear. Her meager life consumed by the struggle to break the narrow-mindedness of a prejudiced crowd. The others would be quick to dismiss the atrocities, thus condemning her life to the shadows of shame.

That is why she simply trusted him and surrendered herself to him. He was her savior. He would salvage her lost soul, and provide answers to the questions that had haunted her for so long.

The foul air filled his lungs again. The decay was worse than he had thought. She was not the first, and definitely would not suffice as the last. The ones before her had ensured his supremacy, entrusting themselves to his ‘significant care’, granting him the pleasure of domination. He had conquered them, eventually disposing of their worthless frames.

However, she was different.

Her submission left him clueless. It was incomplete, preventing him from accomplishing his purpose. He stripped her, layer by layer, till she was left with nothing. Yet he found her to be completely empty, incapable of sharing. There was nothing more that he could do.

She sensed him leaving. He escorted his warped judgment out the metal door. Her heart shrieked, burdened with explanations howling for freedom. His naive perception had made him neglect this invaluable piece of evidence. A seasoned slice would have been enough to extract a river of unspoken feelings, revealing the severe devastation inside.

The reek of indifference smothered her, extinguishing her final hope to survive.

As he removed his gloves to write the autopsy report, he stated the cause of death as suicide by drowning.

Yet he disregarded the fact that ‘she never did belong’.

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35 comentarios sobre “Jagged Existence by Terveen Gill

  1. A good one again. I just wonder when will darkness lift around you? 😉
    Is your bright smile just a shield?
    May I be so bold as to ask you (I really should mind my own business shouldn’t I?) for a story ending on the side of light? 🙏🏻
    On another note, I wonder why your posts on this list don’t have my likes. I do get your writing in my mail, but maybe it’s on another blog?
    Best wishes for 2023.

    Le gusta a 2 personas

    1. The darkness is inside me, Brian, and it’s not going anywhere. Should’ve been a vampire. Haha. Smiles can be very deceptive… I will try to write a brighter story for the next post. Yes, one should step into the light (for the Vitamin D). Lol. And I’m not sure which list you’re talking about, but thanks for always stopping by and sharing your thoughts. They are much appreciated. I have to catch up on some of your writing too. It’s always a pleasure. Have a wonderful 2023. Keep writing! 🙂

      Le gusta a 1 persona

      1. Then you would be a smiling vampire… A nice change… LOL.
        «List» is the gobblers/masticadores post. I follow you in one, but I found you in another… It’s all right.
        Writing this from our country house an hour away from cold and dark mexico city. Enjoying Vitamin D. (Loved that one)
        You too. On both counts…

        Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. Wow, what a powerful and amazing piece of writing. I found myself wondering where was this going knowing you have such incredibly surprising and shocking endings to your stories. Yet, I could not figure it out. I still kept thinking I think she is alive and wondering what he continued to miss. It truly speaks to the shear definition of the complexities of every human being. How she, her spirit still lingering at her body wanting so badly for someone to understand why and what was missing that made her want to drown. I felt like her spirit was trapped, that over and over again she was worked on piece by piece, but no one asked the question she longed to hear, «What hurt you so deeply, you wanted to die?» Forgive me for getting into dissecting your work but it has brought up many memories and it truly is a brilliant piece. Thanks for bringing the humanity into the story where others don’t understand and are quick to dismiss someone who would do such a thing. Thank you for this piece which I believe would be helpful for anyone who has lost another loved one by suicide, not right away but it has touched my heartstrings in a beautiful way. Blessings

    Le gusta a 1 persona

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