A Special Spotlight and Celebration!

By Michelle Lee

Ode to 2022
by Charles Schilling

It gave us round three
“2020 two”!
It gave us more tension
and more lessons too.
More are dead in the streets,
more bombs dropped overseas.
Another trillion or so dollars spent
and another broken family.
Tell me friend, can you say,
if your fears have been relieved?
It’s the end of round three…
with another to come I believe.

All this time too
the Hermit’s been watchin’.
His tired eyes observing history
since others have been botchin’.
He has found some comfort
from some friends still goin’ on,
but can he truly feel at peace
from the chair he sits upon?
He sees the world still distracted
and tearing at the seams…
“What more is left now
but to prepare for ‘23?”

So, looking back at the year
I still wonder what was gained.
I know all that had been lost
and know still of its pain.
I credit my fellow poets
and my friends who checked on me,
reminding me that there is still more
to make, learn, love, and see.
Perhaps this year was not as grand
as we all wished it to be…
but let’s leave this one behind,
and face 2023.

I am delighted to feature another poem by poet Charles Schilling. A timely and reflective piece. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might recall that Charles is a former student of mine.

He has been busy! I am excited to announce that Charles recently finished his degrees in History and English Literature; he graduated on the 12th of December. Currently, he is working towards obtaining a certification for substitute teaching so he can begin to enter his preferred field in education while preparing for returning to school for his master’s degree in secondary education. With time now to spare, he continues to write and practice carpentry while picking up old books left unread. Bravo Charles!

If you missed his first two features, please take a few minutes to enjoy this future teacher’s creative work and his song selection, Up the Wolves by The Mountain Goats:

“Lifting the Fog”

“A Lingering Memory

Thank you for visiting and joining me in appreciating and celebrating Charles! Be well. Michele

Photo by alphaspirit.it 

© 2022 MyInspiredLife

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