Things I love about me

by Riya Yadav

It was just another day, I sat down and a stupid thought popped out of nowhere in my mind, “What do you love about yourself? “

I tried to shrug the thought off. But I wondered what was it that I liked about myself. I was distressing for a mere thought that wasn’t even worth worrying yet I wondered.

Little did I realise, I didn’t love myself. And when you don’t love yourself, as they say, how can you expect others to reciprocate love to you.

That one thought was a spark that ignited within me that led to a journey of self-love. I hope someday you all and some of you might have travelled the road of self-care.

When you stop cribbing about things and begin to change them or to accept it, when you realise your value when you believe in yourself when you hear the voices inside you being empowered when you start searching for positivity in every problem that you face, when you stop comparing yourself with others and when you see yourself become a better version of you

That is what SELF-love is.

From that day till the day today, I love everything about myself and I don’t care what the world thinks as long as I’m doing things that make me happy and which don’t cause any harm to me.

Image by Krzysztof from Pixabay

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