Sword of time

by Rana

Twinks that turn into moments and later those into fantasies
The rhythm we accompany through crumbling under the sword of time

Things that we mislay the people that we miss in an unending quest
Turbulent storms rolling through corridors of emotions in their absolute prime

The joys that we rent for the pieces of us we sacrifice in this journey
The fragile beam of hope that keeps us alive within our dreams so sublime

The city lights prevail though the streets might get carried away
The stars witness the death of all days consumed like an ultimate slime

They cut you deep by your mysteries these sharp blades of time
Who cares how much you bleed when your commitment becomes your crime

It ain’t the pain that we always treasure but the scars on our souls
To the freedoms, we beg, this long road is a hell of a long hard climb

© Rana M 26 April 2021 All rights reserved

Image by Gipfelsturm69 from Pixabay 


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