Terveen Gill – Interview

by Manuela Timofte

A good short story is not only a reliable friend you can lean on, but it is also a short escape into a vibrant world that rests upon the shoulders of creativity. There’s a story here for everyone, you’ll just have to read to believe.

Terveen Gill, Editor Masticadores India

M.- Why do you write?

TG – I write because it settles my mind and organizes the chaos inside me. Writing is a way of expressing what is true and what may become a truth someday. It’s a means of depicting thoughts, feelings and fears that I would otherwise never share with anyone. Being an introvert has its limitations. But writing is a limitless form of communication where both the writer and reader develop their own personal understanding while remaining complete strangers. Words have the power to mentally connect so many. But they can also be destructive. So write them wisely.

M.- Since when do you write? Was there a specific moment that prompted you to start writing?

TG – I’ve been writing for about eight years now. I never wanted to be a writer nor did I indulge in writing. However, an extremely low point in my life made me realize that writing was a wonderful way of transforming my stress, negativity, and worries into something more meaningful. I began writing simply for me without bothering about sharing my words with others. However, gradually, the more I wrote and the more my writing improved, I dismissed my hesitation and began sharing my written work.

M.- In your workday, how much time do you spend writing? Do you have a ritual before facing the blank page?

TG – It’s very fluid. On certain days, I may write for 5-7 hours, and then some days slip away from me with hardly an hour of writing. I’m trying to organize my routine so that writing gets the topmost priority. But as we all know, life tends to interrupt and disrupt. But that’s only natural.

I don’t have any rituals. Reading helps though. I face the blank page with a straight face and an open mind. The words flow better when my imagination is free to roam.

M.- Are you a compass or a map writer?

TG – I’m definitely a writer who has little idea in the beginning of where I’m going. It’s usually a sentence or two, or a basic idea, and then I’m off. This can prove to be dangerous as one can easily get lost or give up without reaching a confirmed destination. Yet somehow, I find this very exciting and it makes my writing even more surprising to me and the reader. Planning everything beforehand and writing is just not for me. It’s too contained and boring. No maps. Even Google Maps can be deceptive.  

M.- What would you like to review about your literary work?

TG – When I began writing years ago, I used difficult vocabulary that didn’t read or flow well. It took me some time to realize and change that. I wasn’t being me and was subconsciously imbibing the styles of different writers, fusing them into confusion. That was a mistake. I’ve been able to recognize and develop my writing voice over the past few years. It does vary a bit depending upon what I’m writing – fiction, non-fiction, long or short form. I’m teaching myself to be open to constant change and improvement. 

M.- What do you think about new technologies as instruments for the writer. Do they help or hinder?

TG – I don’t use any writing, editing, or grammar software. However, over the years I’ve studied English grammar, learned and practised different writing techniques, and have even completed a diploma in creative writing. I wanted to theoretically learn that which could be practically implemented in my writing. I believe technology has its own place and if help is required, then it must be taken. I don’t wish to be bound by rigidity or guidelines that may be correct but may contradict my natural ability to think, create, and judge my own instincts.

M.- Publishing in digital, does it change your methods of inspiration or work?

TG – Inspiration and work methods shouldn’t be influenced by the medium of publishing. Creativity should be independent of that. I’ve hardly written with pen or paper; my laptop has been my steady companion for years, and MS Word my trusted writing application. So digital or non-digital are irrelevant to me. The world is a huge digital network and it’s easier to connect and share digitally. One must move with the times and not allow anything to compromise one’s writing quality.

M.- Do you think that accessing the reader who reads on a tablet, computer or mobile phone, in different spaces, for example, train, bus, metro, can help you be more read?

TG – Yes, it’s crucial to access readers where and when they have the time to read. Many travel to their jobs or businesses, many travel longer distances for work or leisure. Those are the moments that must be seized as opportunity. Idle time that is usually spent on some digital device. A mobile phone can be found in every hand, and those who love to read will read written work that is easily reachable and intriguing to them. 

M.- Do you think that, during The Pandemic, loneliness and isolation influenced your network of contacts? Did the number of your readers increase?

TG – The Pandemic was a difficult time for so many, and I remember at the time, I wished to send my first novel to different publishing houses. Yet, the situation was grim, and I was advised to wait for a better time. That book was placed on a back burner, and I moved forward to newer projects. Yes, readership increased, as many people were confined to their homes, working from home, means of recreation and entertainment were limited, time simply accumulated and it had to be passed in one way or the other.

M.- Self-publishing or editorial? Do you think there are still misgivings in contemplating desktop publishing to publish work?

TG – Self-publishing is quicker and easier. It’s independent of any external source or agency. Marketing and sales can be the complicated part and is what scares self-publishing authors the most. However, there are many writers who are succeeding at it. Strategies can be employed, and if the writing is worth it, readers will follow. Traditional publishing seems like a distant dream that can be quite tiresome and tedious. The chances of an unknown, new writer being published are slim. But if that’s what a writer wants, then it’s worth the try.

I think writers are becoming more aware of their publishing options. Deciding the best way to publish is becoming clearer. Desktop publishing will ease the process of formatting, creating layouts while maintaining a high print quality. It’s basically a cheaper means of publishing which would sound good to any writer venturing into new waters. 

M.- Do you think Masticadores’s bet in the search for that digital reader is correct? What’s your opinion about it?

TG – It’s fantastic that Masticadores is targeting the digital reader. It’s all about accessibility and a wider reach. With digital reading, both are achieved, and the chances of being discovered by newer readers increases, as the world is digitally connected on so many platforms.

M.-Participation as a writer in Masticadores, is it positive? What has it given you?

TG – It’s been very positive. It has given me an opportunity to connect with many wonderful writers and readers. The editorship of MasticadoresIndia was a consequence of this. Publishing the writing of other writers is a responsibility that gives me peace and satisfaction. Diverse thoughts, opinions, ideas, and imagination must be shared, unique voices must be heard, hard truths must be told. What better way to connect people than through the written word.

 M.- What would you say is your hallmark as a writer?

TG – My writing voice, story twists, and the ability to write about anything. I’m allowed to boast a little in this answer. Haha.

M.-Tell us about your latest project. Are you working on a new one now?

TG – I’m writing my second fiction novel and hope to complete it by the end of November 2022. It’s a psychological thriller/drama with a supernatural twist. 

Website: https://terveengill.com


Amazon India Author Page: http://bit.ly/terveengill-books-IN

Amazon USA Author Page: http://bit.ly/terveengill-books

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28 comentarios sobre “Terveen Gill – Interview

  1. What a fascinating interview. Terveen is a wonderful writer, editor and human being. Her stories touch on all facets of human emotion and behavior, and she has a singular ability to hit the sweet spot with each tale she tells. She’s also a writer’s greatest ally and her constant enthusiastic support and encouragement have inspired so many other writers, including myself. Thank you for sharing this interview with us, and thank you, Terveen, for all you do. 🙂

    Le gusta a 4 personas

    1. Mike, thank you for the kind, awesome, and encouraging words. I’m so grateful for what writing has given me, nothing can compare to its magic, comfort, and reassurance. I would’ve been a lost soul without it. But besides that, the connections that I’ve formed with so many brilliant writers including you has given me the chance to feel like a part of a huge, virtual family. Only a writer can understand the ups and downs of another writer and the highs and lows of writing. Please keep those thoughts and words coming. 🙂

      Le gusta a 4 personas

  2. What an excellent interview. I have learned much about Terveen and am not surprised to hear she is not a map writer. There were a few surprises when she shared about her talents in her writing (modestly). Terveen didn’t share what an amazingly great sense of humor she blesses us all with when she writes. I assumed she had been writing for over twelve years. Also, it may have been a bit off-topic, but for those that don’t know, Terveen has a natural talent for and is a very impactful movie maker. Her first video is so different and funny that my husband and I were playing it over and over at the beginning of the week and laughing so hard. She is an accomplished writer, and I think her ability to discover different voices that other editors might be reluctant to publish because it was not the most popular style at the time, is uncanny. I have learned so much from the writers that Terveen publishes on MasticadoresIndia. These are unique styles, yet I not only connect with these individuals but can also relate to their writing on a deep level. Terveen has a kind, compassionate, modest, and encouraging mentorship with her writers. I would never have written stories if it were not for Terveen. My confidence as a writer has increased tremendously since I started writing for MasticadoresIndia and interacting with her. She is serious when it comes to writing and is a devoted writer and reader of other people’s work. I don’t know how she does so much in a day, it blows me away, and I can not wait to read her book that will be coming out hopefully sooner rather than later. Thank you for sharing this interview.

    Le gusta a 4 personas

    1. Thank you so much, Joni, for all the support, kindness, and encouragement. You are a talented, determined, and versatile writer. Writing for me has been a journey like no other, and I’m glad that I’ve continued, relishing every minute of it. I’m fortunate and grateful to have connected with so many brilliant writers, and that’s a wonderful reward for me and my efforts. Diverse themes and writing styles should be encouraged, there’s no right or wrong when creativity is the subject. Convention and popularity must take a backseat allowing diverse writing talent to emerge. Thank you for mentioning the filmmaking and the gracious comments regarding it. I’d like to encourage creative experimentation, there should be no hesitation while finding one’s groove. I wish all my writers and readers tremendous luck and good wishes. Live today, tomorrow can wait. 🙂

      Le gusta a 2 personas

  3. Congratulations, Terveen. This interview has brought out more about you and your writing journey. You deserve all the accolades you get. You are a very approachable writer and editor and quite the humorist too. Your writing is diverse and adds a spark to creativity. I wish you the very best. Keep writing and inspiring and best of luck with your new book.

    Le gusta a 3 personas

    1. Thank you so much, Shobana, for all the kindness, support, and loving encouragement. You always speak from the heart and your beautiful writing is a reflection of your inner beauty. Your positivity is infectious and I’m so glad that our paths crossed. Appreciate your wishes always. Good luck to you too.

      Me gusta

  4. I loved reading this interview with Terveen. She has been such a massive, positive influence for me! She’s not only a talented writer and great editor, she also encourages emerging writers with her kind, supportive comments and feedback. I feel honoured to know such a wonderful person who gives so much back to the writing community! Thank you, Terveen.

    Le gusta a 2 personas

    1. That’s very sweet of you, Britta. I’m fortunate to know you as a writer and a human being. Your passion, determination, and creative spirit give your words immense flavor, a punch that makes the reader sit up and desire more. Writing connections can only flourish when they are two-sided. So thank you for being here and supporting me as well. To many more tales… 🙂

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  5. Great interview… (Khya bat Hay!) 😉
    You are very clear and I agree with almost everything you say.
    Only one difference: I write the story in my head before I start writing. All the way down to main dialogues. Then it’s much easier to write.
    Tech? I don’t really know of any E-tolls to write, I just write with a keyboard in lieu of a fountain pen. The only tool I use is Word translate to turn my Spanish short stories into English. The result is about 60-65%. I still spend a lot of time editing, re-writing. But it gives me the illusion that I am saving time… LOL.

    Le gusta a 2 personas

    1. Hi Brian. Thanks for sharing your side of the writing process. Having the story planned out in your head is commendable. And I understand what you mean about translation. It’s not easy to get that same feel or meaning. MS Word must be literally translating it, and you have to edit it to reflect more or less the style, voice, and content. You’re doing a lot. No wonder your mind is so sharp. Keep writing and inspiring. «Aapke alfaaz kabhi khatam na hon» – May your words never end. 🙂

      Le gusta a 1 persona

      1. Shukria for your good wishes. Though they will end, one day or the other… Such is life. One can only hope our words will be read for a long time.
        (Yes, automatic translation is quite literal, one must change words, move words, structure and order in Spanish are quite different. As I suspect it is in English. (Some words are put at the end or am I mistaken)
        Joyeux Noël Terveen.

        Le gusta a 2 personas

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