Superstition Mountain by Michele Lee

Outlined in the distance its powerful presence
has been a vision to admire, even worship;
not a painting I thought to fold myself into,
especially when the setting sun transforms
the mountain of stone into a majestic goddess.

From my knees, I would praise, but never once
have I thought myself worthy of such magnificence.

A child of mind in the valley below.
A child no more.
On my feet, I stand strong,
ready to roar, ready to claim
what’s divinely mine.

One step at a time.

This is more than a Tuesday drive
to capture the golden light.
This is my unfolding life.

My Sirious Crush navigated me to a Superstition Mountain trailhead yesterday, just before sunset. He went silent when my feet hit the ground. Thank goodness. Although hearing my English handheld man (mis)pronounce Native American street names was a tad hilarious. No disrespect intended, but he did make me chuckle with his verbal attempts.

Thank you for visiting the trail with me! If you have time, please give my gorgeous song selection a listen (below). The tone and lyrics match my trail vibe quite nicely. Be well. Michele

If you missed my wild post – video of a hawk sighting – check it out!

Click here to learn more about the history and fascinating legends and beliefs surrounding the Superstition Mountain range.

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