From another perspective by Miriam Costa

Perhaps I am the cut in everything that cuts…. like fatal seduction and corrosive thoughts.
My moment is to overcome fear without excuses and not surrender to fate, this instant of sanity burns my brain….
Perhaps my mouth could whisper some advice for those who don’t understand why I am venal and good at the same time…
Deep breath face to face….perhaps you bare all the simplicity.
Time cries, also flies while I try to save myself from myself sometimes.
I remember that the Lotus flower springs up from the mud.
Perhaps I am tired of blind expressions too.
One day we all reach the beginning where the sun is neon and is steady in our eyes, while the universe wiping away the sins and the sublime fantasy will not devour art.
Completely torn.
Difficult secrets
In my face wrinkles and freckles.
I dream twice as much but I dont listen from afar.
I feed the orgasm for happiness.
My ego is decadent and so receptive as a bowl.
My creations came from demigods.
What I learned to love were animals.
Tattoos mark my body while I am the cut in everything that cuts.

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