please, please, please by Bogdan Dragos

she'd never seen a room
so barren before

Only white walls,
a brown door
and large windows with
white frames

Yet someone was living
in it

Someone who wanted it
to be this way

Her younger brother
as always,
in the wheelchair by the

“Uh, forgive me if I'm being
a nag,” she said, “but I
gotta ask again.
Are you absolutely sure
you don't want
anything in this room? Not
even... I don't know, a bed

He wouldn't face her.
Only the large
white framed
“I don't sleep in a bed,” he
replied. Why do you
even ask?”

“Ah, s-sorry. I just... I
wanted you to
feel like home
in here, you know?”

“Oh, dear sister, but I do
feel like home.
After all, isn't this what
home felt
all along as we grew up?”

She lowered her
gaze to the gray floor
as guilt became
a thing alive
and mounted her frail
back once more. “Please...”

“Please,” her brother repeated.
“Oh, how I remember the
word. Please. Yes, Please was
the word I
uttered most often as we grew up,
wasn't it?
Please, please, please. It almost
sounds like music, doesn't
When you abandoned me in
the backyard
and locked me outside
so you could spend time in
the house with your boyfriend
I said please
uncountable times, remember?
And then, incredibly, it started to
rain too. Pffft. It
wasn't enough that my own sister
was torturing and abusing me,
the gods decided to join in
What a beautiful childhood
I've had, no?”

“C'mon, we were but kids. We
were at that age, I didn't
know any better, I simply
did not know any
Can't you ever find it in
yourself to... forgive?

“Forgiveness?” he said, turning
half way in his
wheelchair. “Oh, dear sister,
forgiveness has to
be earned.
See, this I learned later,
as mother passed away
and father wouldn't acknowledge
me as his child.
A soul that asks, or begs, for
can't have it
unless it gives something
in return. Something
of equal value.”

“But... but, haven't I given
you everything?” she said,
“I've... I've taken you
out of the asylum. I've
given you
my house to live in.
My own son sleeps in the
bedroom with me
and my husband so you
could use his room.
It's not a big place here, but
it's all I can offer.
I want nothing more than
to... you know, to
make up for it. For everything.
I want you to be happy,
brother. I want to...
to redeem myself.”

He was silent for
more than her troubled heart
could bear
so when she begged him to say
something, anything,
he said, “Redemption... has
to be earned.”

“I'll do anything!”
she shouted
in the barren room
that amplified her echo

“Yes,” he said. “Just
as you should. Good.
Then get them for me. The papers
and the pencils
you threw in the fireplace
all those years ago.
Drawing, as you know, is the
only thing I'm good at.”

“I understand,” she said. “I'll

“Undressed,” he completed her


“Naked,” he said. “You'll get naked
and let me draw your
body. Right here,
before the window.”


“No. I'm not kidding. I'm
very serious.” He turned
towards her. “All of them. Every single
piece. Get them off. Let
me see.”

“I... I haven't... shaved. Please.
It's embarrassing as...”

“No,” he said. “It's perfect. Do it.
Slip out of them
and model for me.”

A shadow seemed to be hatching
on the surface of her
as she looked down
and turned around
to lock the

12 comentarios sobre “please, please, please by Bogdan Dragos

      1. Fight for DREAMS , words, and some day You wake up, and You will see poster,picture, some word in social media and You will before work meet girl in black clothes,heavy gothic, personally, she smiles and say – Bogdan, This new play of Your is insanely unbeliavable good, YEAH. -:)

        We are very lucky person, You are know that for sure !

        Sending You to Carpaths some caravans with congratulations….give them hell ! – 🙂

        Le gusta a 1 persona

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