A Delayed Birthright

By Michele Lee

Not baptized, not protected
from that which chaos and anger inflicted

some of us
        were not granted an anointed birth right
        were not given sparkly crib mobiles that captured
                our fascination and created an illusion of a star-filled night
        were not lulled to dreams with sweet tunes
                that let in only purity and light
        were born into a world that chewed up sparkle,
                spit out across the floor in a million shards
        were offered a rude awakening when breathing in
                our surroundings and its joy-taking
        were left to survive in situations not of our choosing
                (or maybe we did… sign up for this)

Whatever the origins of one’s beginnings
        whether nurtured, neglected, respected, ridiculed, celebrated, or censored
there comes a point when in a crib one is no longer confined
there comes a point when how one chooses to live becomes
        the individual’s responsibility

        a powerful birthright

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